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Our privacy policy

This website is and this is our privacy policy. We are extremely serious about privacy and we have a commitment to keep your data secure. We comply with all relevant legislation including the United Kingdom Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations of 2016.

Responsible person

The person responsible for overseeing our policy is David Moore who can be contacted at

Use of your data

We undertake not to send out any unsolicited commercial communications. However it may be necessary for us to contact you from time to time regarding queries that you have made and we will therefore keep any records of contacts from you on file to assist us in doing this.

Deletion of your data

We will be happy to delete any data that we hold about you upon request. We will require evidence that you are authorised to make this request before doing so.

Information that we collect

Beyond the normal weblogs that are collected by every manager of every website on the Internet (which record visits only, and certain data about the device used to browse our site, and which are not personally identifiable), the only data we will hold about you will be data that you have given to us voluntarily by contacting us. We have no wish to collect any data about any person beyond these parameters.

Transmission of your data to other persons or businesses

We do not as a general rule pass on any data whatsoever to any other entity. We reserve the right however to do so if we believe that we need to do so to protect our website, our reputation, yourself, or any other third party; or if we have a legal obligation to do so.

Data security

It has to be borne in mind that the Internet is an insecure medium used by many people with criminal intent. Many of these are very technically proficient and able to intercept data which is being transmitted over the Internet. You should therefore exercise caution at all times when sending information over the Internet, no matter which website or company you are sending this data to.

You must also bear in mind that there is no such thing as a fully secure website. You should therefore exercise due caution when trusting personal information to any entity on the Internet, including of course our own website.

Bearing these points in mind, any data that we hold on our system is protected by industry standard security systems which we endeavour to keep completely up-to-date.

Access to your information

You are legally entitled to request a copy of any information that is held about you, by any entity, in digital form. A nominal charge is allowed, under the data protection regulations, for providing this information. If you require a copy of any data that you believe we hold about you please email David Moore using the email address at the top of this document.


This website does not use any form of cookie at present. If it is decided to do so in the future our privacy policy regarding cookies will be included in this document from the date that our use of them commences.

If we do decide to implement cookies they will be used for assisting in the performance and improvement of this website and will not be used in any way to collect personal information from any visitor.

Links to other web sites

This website will contain links to other websites that we believe may be of interest to you. By clicking on one of these links you will leave this website and therefore this privacy policy will no longer be relevant. Any sites that you visit as a result of clicking on one of these links will have their own privacy policies and you should check these before submitting any personal information to these sites.

Alterations to this privacy policy

It is entirely possible that we will change this policy in the future owing to changes in legislation or alterations to our own business model. Any changes to this policy will come into effect on the day and time that they are notified via this document and you should check back regularly to ensure that our privacy policy is still acceptable to you.

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